Paula Moran
The emergence of creativity is a manifestation of the interaction between that person and the environment. I have always been an artist and my way of communicating has been through movement, touch and the visual. I still am amazed as I feel the dynamic interplay through this medium that unites touch, movement and ideas with the movement and emerging dynamics of the clay. It is this dynamic interplay between the person and environment that shapes an outcome that is creative and fluid.”

The impulse to touch to “see” what is real drives my work. I feel drawn to Tromp-l’oeil because of this real/not real tension. Recreating objects that are familiar, literal, sometimes nostalgic, are used to tell stories. It is the object and its content that covey the specific message. The objects chosen become metaphorical for what is happening personally in my life and what I see happening in my environment, relating current events and the human experience. Viewers must question for a moment “what is real”, then interpret using ones own experiences as to the meaning and creating ones own story.