Paula Moran
Did The Fur Really Get Loved Off?Did The Fur Really Get Loved Off (close up)Did The Fur Really Get Loved Off (close up)Your MoveCollateral DamageIronicWar GamesSo You Think You Know RealGod Bless AmericaThe Difference Is In The TouchComing or GoingComing or Going close upComing or Going close up
2011 Work
I am creating a moment, glimpse in time; but I want the viewer to think past that moment. I reference familiar, literal and nostalgic objects to draw the viewer in close to trigger memory and reflection. My recent body of work documents current events and personal experiences. Using objects that hide messages, encoded information and personal data, I compose scenes that carry double meaning. They convey humor but also outrage exposing the stupefaction and the inequalities that divide us as a culture.

In my work, political and religious hypocrisy and deception are common themes. By recreating common objects in our lives we often take for granted, ceramic trompe l’oeil is the ideal medium to express my views towards the social unrest that we are currently feeling. Trompe l’oeil reflects what is happening in our society: as much of our social structure is driven by trickery and deception, promising one thing, while deceiving the viewer to what they are actually getting. Is it real?